Splitting of Orchid leaves can cause a number of things. The most frequent causes are improper watering and a lack of attention to your plant. You will be able to comprehend why this is occurring to your plant after reading this post. This post will allow you to understand why this is happening to your plant. Additionally, this post will provide you with the information that you need to treat your orchids whose leaves have started to split.

Why orchid leaves are splitting?

There are several causes as to why your Orchid’s leaves are splitting even if you are taking care of them properly. That indicates that the issue isn’t a result of the plant’s subpar maintenance.

Irregular Watering

One of the most frequent reasons for the orchid leaves splitting apart, especially phalaenopsis orchids, is irregular watering. They are known for their firm leaves, which are attributable to the plant’s turgor pressure in sustaining the form of their leaves. However, when they are not watered enough, it will result in their leaves wrinkling and wilting. And by the time that you want to water them again, the leaves will inflate because of the water in an attempt to recover their normal shape. This produces stress within the leaves, which causes them to split. The vein, which is the weakest component of the leaves, will be the target of tension. The leaves will break in half since the vein is in the middle of them.

Low-Humidity Zones

Low humidity levels may also harm the leaves of your orchids. The strength and stability of the leaves will be significantly impacted by their lack of moisture. The leaves will eventually split as a result of this.

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Due to their hard leaves, some orchid varieties, such as phalaenopsis and moth orchid, are frequently harmed by low humidity. It is preferable to select an alternate variety of orchids if you are living in a region with low humidity. But if you really adore the way phalaenopsis looks, make sure to put them in a dry environment. Adding a humidifier can also help increase the humidity levels in the location where you planted your orchids.

Too Exposed to Sunlight

Almost all of the orchid varieties struggle when exposed to direct sunlight for longer periods of time. The majority of orchids prefer to survive in partial sunlight, and being exposed to too much direct sunlight can cause them to burn.

Burnt leaves can cause them to dry up and break at the vein, which is their weakest point. This is the reason why long-term exposure to direct sunlight will eventually cause leaves to split.


The majority of orchids are cultivated a few meters above the ground, therefore there will be days when they inevitably fall. The orchids might be harmed if this occurs, depending on how hard the drop was. Even while the harm might be apparent immediately, it will eventually show.

Although they may feel robust if touched, orchid leaves are very delicate. However, if dropped, they will quickly split or completely break. Therefore, you must either position them carefully while holding them or inspect each pot carefully to ensure that everything is in its proper place.

Third-party intervention

Your children or animals are the last things that can cause your orchid’s leaves to split, but it is a possibility. Children can mishandle orchid leaves because they do not realize how delicate they are, which causes the leaves to break. It is the same issue for your animals. Dogs and even cats enjoy playing around, and if they manage to trip over one or more orchid pots, it often results in your orchid’s leaves splitting apart. The leaves are easily harmed by even their paws and claws, which can also result in the leaves splitting in half.

How to treat splitted leaves of an orchid?

Unfortunately, there is no way to treat the split leaves of an orchid. But the splitting of its leaves isn’t the end of your orchid plant. However, the only thing you can do is prevent the leaves of your orchid from splitting. In this instance, prevention is better than cure.

Since the splitting of leaves is untreatable, the best thing to do is just to prevent it from happening at all. Here are some tips on what to do to prevent your orchid leaves from splitting apart.

  1. Regular Watering
  2. Place them in an isolated area
  3. Keep the humidity perfect for your orchids
  4. Place them under a partial shade
  5. Always handle them with care


Should you remove split orchid leaves?

It might look unappealing, but it is perfectly okay to keep the leaves of an orchid that has already split. It will still continue to grow. It will eventually seal itself off but can be a little crooked. It can still give energy for your orchid plant so it is advised to not cut it off.

What to do with cracked orchid leaves?

Since the leaves of an orchid that have cracked or split are incurable, you can do nothing about them. Although it won’t really harm the orchid if it is left alone, it can be an option. If you don’t think it’s a good idea to keep them, you can cut them off the plant.

How do I keep my orchid leaves healthy?

Regularly observe the status of your orchids in order to know if they have a problem. Identifying a problem while it is still in its early stages is very important as it can be easily prevented, whereas when it is already at its worst, it is already untreatable.


Orchids are beautiful and elegant succulent plants that are known to be one of the most delicate ones. So if it is possible, it is advised that you do not touch them, as a tiny scratch on the plant’s leaf will be permanent. The powdery coating will never grow back, and the damage that has been done will stay forever.

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