Squirrels are rodents, so it’s not surprising that they are afraid of some animals and people.

Squirrels are cute and cuddly, with an endearing inquisitive nature that makes them fun to watch in the garden or even in your home as they gather food from your bird feeder. 

However, in some cases, squirrels have been observed to die of fright when faced with stressful or unfamiliar situations. Read on to learn more about this phenomenon.

We will discuss about Can Squirrels Die of Fright in this article.

Can Squirrels Die of Fright?

There is a phenomenon in the animal kingdom called fight or flight. This happens when an animal either has to fight or run away from something that is threatening their safety. 

This usually takes place within a split second and the animal will either stand its ground or flee.

In the case of squirrels, it’s possible for them to die from fright because they are scared to death by something like a human approaching them too quickly. 

If you ever happen upon a frightened squirrel and have no other choice but to get close, do so slowly and make sure your body language doesn’t seem aggressive in any way. 

When you are close enough, if you can calmly speak softly to them, they may take off running again.

However, there are some cases where the squirrel just freezes up and dies before anything else can happen. 

Some experts believe this is caused by a heart attack, while others say that the animal could just be experiencing such a strong adrenaline rush that they might as well be having one.

What Happens When a Squirrel Goes Into Shock?

When a squirrel enters into shock, their heart rate will increase and blood pressure drops. They may also have increased breathing or panting and an increased body temperature. 

The most common cause for a squirrel to enter into shock is from extreme fear or stress, which can occur when they are startled by a loud noise, experiencing pain from an injury or being chased by a predator. 

The other causes for the animal to go into shock are dehydration, low blood sugar and exhaustion.

If the animal has not gone into shock due to extreme fear or stress then it is possible that the animal could die of fright because their heart rate increases to such high levels that it leads to cardiac arrest.

For example, this was seen in a study done on squirrels where the squirrels had so much anxiety that their hearts eventually stopped beating. However, there are no documented cases of animals dying of fright because it is difficult to pinpoint when exactly this occurs. 

There are plenty of times when animals become startled and run away, but they don’t always go into shock as well. In some instances, the animal’s heart rate doesn’t change at all after being startled. 


What Causes Squirrels to be Frightened?

Squirrels are often startled by sudden noises, quick movements, or anything that they perceive as a threat. 

This is because they have evolved to be always on the lookout for predators who would try to eat them. Most small animals are frightened by things like cars and lawnmowers, as these things represent safety threats. 

There are also natural predators such as hawks and foxes that squirrels need to avoid at all costs. If you’ve ever seen a squirrel dart up a tree in terror when it sees you, then it has been frightened. 

As with any animal, if they sense imminent danger, their body will release adrenaline which can make their heart race and cause an increase in blood pressure.


What Animals Can Die From Fright?

While it’s unclear if there are any animals that can die from being scared, many people believe that squirrels can. It is possible for a squirrel to be so frightened that they have a heart attack or stroke and die. 

Some people believe this because the heart rate of a frightened animal will increase to the point where their heart cannot take the sudden increase in stress. 

This causes cardiac arrest and death. However, not much research has been done on this subject, so it is unknown whether or not this is true.

Research suggests that most animals who perish from fright die from an inability to breathe properly as they gasp for air while running away. 

If you see any animal die from fright, it would likely be due to hyperventilation or perhaps suffering a head injury after falling out of a tree.

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How do you know if a squirrel is in distress?

Squirrels have been known to die from fright, but if you’re not sure whether a squirrel is in distress it’s hard to tell. If you see a little gray rodent running and jumping erratically or simply sitting with its eyes wide open staring at you, don’t worry. It’s just exciting. 

When a squirrel is truly frightened it will crouch and try to blend into the background as much as possible by turning its tail over its head and lying still. A distressed squirrel may also tremble or make an attempt to run away. 

You should never try to touch a frightened animal, but if you find one that appears distressed you can always call a wildlife rehabilitation center for advice on how best to help it.


Squirrels are a common sight in many parts of the world, and it seems that they are always trying to steal something. 

In fact, they are so bold that they will come right up to people to try and take food or other goods. With their fearless attitudes, one might wonder if they can die from fright. 

The answer is yes due to dehydration or any other internal problems, but there are plenty of other ways that squirrels can die. 

They often get killed by cars as they dart out into traffic or fall victim to larger animals like dogs or cats. It’s not just humans who pose a danger; even birds of prey occasionally attack them. 

When chased by predators, squirrels have been known to panic and make fatal mistakes when making an escape such as jumping off cliffs instead of finding a more gradual descent.

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