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The answer to this question might not be immediately obvious, as most people only think of foxes and rabbits in the same way they think of cats and mice – two animals that are mortal enemies (at least in cartoons). 

While foxes and rabbits may not always get along, it’s not unusual to see them living together in the wild without any bloodshed whatsoever! Here’s an overview of do foxes eat rabbits.

Do Foxes Eat Rabbits?

Yes, foxes eat rabbits. However, they are not the only animals that do so. Many predators will eat rabbits in order to survive and keep their energy up. 

In some cases, it is easier for a predator to hunt down an easy prey than to try and fight something bigger like a bear. 


Rabbits can also be seen as a delicacy for certain species of animals such as wolves or coyotes. Frequently, these animals have shorter life spans than other mammals of similar size and this means that they need to find food more often. 

For foxes eating rabbits is the main source in their diet. Sometimes they will also scavenge for scraps in people’s garbage cans. 

It can be tricky to figure out exactly what foxes eat because they consume so much different types of foods. 

Are Rabbits and Foxes Enemies?

Rabbits and foxes are not enemies. Foxes are omnivores that eat both plants and animals. They typically prey on small mammals, birds, eggs, and invertebrates, but they will also scavenge carrion when it is available. 

Rabbits can be preyed upon by all sorts of predators in the wild including foxes. 

If a rabbit sees a fox coming their way they may flee or attempt to protect themselves by standing up on their hind legs to make themselves appear taller than they really are. 

In some cases, rabbits have been observed adopting defensive postures such as raising one paw or arching its back while kicking with the other foot. 

Some even go as far as attacking the predator with kicks, slaps with their paws, and bites. Although these attempts sometimes work in driving off the foxes, most often they do not.

Do Foxes Eat Rabbits?Pin

Do Foxes Attack Rabbits?

Foxes are omnivores, meaning that they will eat both meat and vegetables. Foxes do not typically attack rabbits, but this is not to say that it doesn’t happen. 

One study from the University of Michigan found that a fox killed six rabbits in two weeks. In another instance, a fox was observed attacking and killing several rabbits in one night. 

Foxes are opportunistic hunters and when they come across a rabbit outside of their burrow or den, there is always the possibility that they will attack it.

Foxes also pose a threat to domesticated animals such as poultry and livestock. There have been cases of foxes attacking chickens and even cows which may be grazing near their den site or at pasture!

How Do You Protect Pet Rabbits From Foxes?

If you have a pet rabbit, the best way to protect them from foxes is to keep them indoors. Foxes are opportunistic predators that will take advantage of any opening, so keeping your rabbits safe should be your priority. 

There are also several ways you can make your home less inviting to foxes, and even if they find their way inside, they will have a harder time getting past these precautions.

If you think foxes may come around your property and want to scare them off or dissuade them from entering your yard, there are many things you can do to deter them. For instance, installing motion-activated sprinklers on a timer or using an ultrasonic repeller may discourage visitors. 

You could also plant thorny plants around the perimeter of your property or cover exposed areas with netting (such as over window boxes) to give them something more frightening than food smells to contend with.

It’s important not just for protecting wild animals like rabbits but for yourself too! Wild animals carry fleas which are harmful not only to themselves but humans as well, carrying parasites such as plague bacteria, anthrax bacteria and tapeworms! 

If foxes live near your property it would be wise to put some protective measures in place before letting pets out.

Do Foxes Eat Rabbits?Pin

Do Foxes Eat a Whole Rabbit?

There are a lot of myths out there about what animals eat. One such myth is that foxes eat rabbits.

Foxes don’t have the teeth to chew a whole rabbit; they would need to tear it into pieces first. Foxes do eat rabbits, but not in their entirety. 

The largest part of any animal that a fox eats is its stomach and intestines. The rest goes uneaten. The stomach and intestines will provide enough sustenance for the fox, so other type of consumption doesn’t really matter to them. 

Of course, this means that once an animal has been killed by a fox, you won’t find the whole thing intact again. Sometimes you might find an animal’s head nearby or some fur on tree branches.

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The idea that foxes eat rabbits is a common misconception. A fox’s diet consists mainly of small rodents and bird eggs, but not rabbits. 

The prey of the Red Fox are primarily mice, shrews, voles, rats, moles, squirrels and occasionally birds’ eggs. However it is possible that they could hunt a rabbit if they were hungry enough. 

But this does not happen often. It is likely that the image of an animal eating another animal in a nature documentary set the stage for this myth. In such documentaries, predators can often be seen hunting other animals. 

For example, lions or tigers typically chase their prey until they finally catch them. When you see a coyote chasing down its meal – whether a mouse or rat or even other smaller animals like lizards or frogs – it may seem to you as though foxes will also chase down rabbits to eat them.

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