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Ever wondered how heavy a mango fruit is based on its varieties? Want to know their kinds and weights? Well, there are many varieties of mangoes that I’ve totally lost count of each one of them. Even in our local place, there are a lot of varieties of this fruit that exist. In this article, I will discuss the most popular variety of mangoes and their varying weights.

How Much Does A Mango Weigh?

The average weight of a medium-sized mango goes from around 150 grams while the larger ones weigh approximately 250-350 grams. Mangoes have many different varieties so the exact weight of each fruit varies from one variety to the other.


Here are the lists of the most popular and best mango varieties from all over the world:


Weight: 250-300 grams

This mango is considered to be the best variety of mango that exists. It has an ovate-oblique shape that weighs an average of 250-300 grams. This fine mango variety can be found and originated in India. This mango variety made an excellent Indian dessert. It has a green color that becomes bright yellow when it is fully ripe with a hint of pinkish color on the sun-exposed part. Its flavor is intensely rich, sweet, and full that has multiple aromatic fragrances.


Weight: 250 to 300 grams

It is a variety of mango that is very popular in the Philippines. It was listed as the sweetest mango variety in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records 1995 edition. The name originated from the animal Carabao which was the national animal of the Philippines because of its big size difference from the other local mangoes found in the Philippines. It has a very sweet and exotic taste. The weight of this mango is fair.


Weight: 175 to 250 grams

This mango variety is found in most parts of Colombia. It is very different from the other mango variety not just in shape, but also in its color and flavor. This mango tree produces a deep reddish fruit that vastly differs from the other yellowish mango variety. It also has a very juicy taste but has a rich spicy flavor which also strays away from the sweet flavor of the other mango varieties.


Weight: 170-200 grams

Toledo can be considered a treasure and an heirloom mango from the country of Western Cuba. It is very common in the local markets of Cuba throughout the entire island.

It has a very small tree by nature that has a maximum size of 8 feet. Toledo’s fruit skin has a greenish-yellow color with a slight orange blush. It is high in fiber but has a rich flavor and sweet taste.

Honey Mango

Weight: 450 to 500 grams

A honey mango also known as the champagne mango for its velvet texture and sweetness is a small oblong shaped mango. This variety of mango has green skin when it is young that turns to a light yellowish color as they mature and becomes a deep golden color when it rips. The season of these mangoes is from March to July and can be primarily seen in places like Mexico, Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador. It is also one of the heavy mango varieties in the world.


Weight: 450 to 500 grams

This mango variety was made into a traditional desert in the Caribbean country Haiti. It has an elongated saber-like shape and becomes dark orange in color when fully ripe. Francis mangoes are very juicy and give off a spicy and sweet Caribbean flavor. It is one of the first mangoes to rip during the mango season and produces one of the best crop products in central Haiti.


Weight: 350 to 400 grams

It is one of the smallest-sized trees among all mango varieties. However, it has a heavy production rate and is considered to be one of the most beautiful mango trees. The larger-sized Cogshall mangoes average weight of 400 450 grams while the medium sizes are about 350 to 400 grams. It has a yellowish-orange color and adds a hint of eye-catching brilliant crimson color to its skin. This variety of mangoes is commonly found in Florida.


Weight: 150 to 250 grams

This mango variety is very synonymous with its Caribbean counterpart. This fruit that originated from Jamaica has an oval shape and is very small in size. The fruit has a greenish color with a hint of pink blush. Its flesh is deep orange in color and is extremely soft and juicy. Julie has a very distinct rich and spicy flavor that is coupled with its aromatic fragrance. Its tree is very small and considered a dwarf compared to the large mango varieties. This variety is one of the lightest mangoes.


Weight: 300 to 350 grams

It is a mango variety that originated and is most famous in South East Asia. This mango has an unusual season of bearing fruit which ripens during the middle to late March. It is cylindrical in shape and has a bright yellow color with a hint of crimson and red highlights on the sun-exposed part which makes this mango variety more eye-catching. It is very aromatic, rich in flavor, and very sweet which speaks of Asian tropics.


Weight: 300 to 400 grams

This mango is a traditional variety that comes from Jamaica. The name originated from an Indian word as it was the Indians who brought the first seeds to Jamaica when they immigrated. This variety has a greenish color that has a blush of red in the part that was exposed to the sun. It has a rich spicy flavor that speaks a lot about its Indian ancestry. It is an open-growing tree that is very large and vigorous.


Weight: 250 to 300 grams

This is a local variety of mango in the Panama islands. The name Fairchild came to be because this variety was a favorite dish of David Fairchild and his family. Fairchild has a distinctive spicy flavor and a rich aroma. The fruit has a lemon-like yellow color that fully matures between the months of June and July. Its tree is the fanciest of all the mango varieties with its firm shape and deep shade of green color.


Weight: 350 to 450 grams

This mango variety is a direct descendant of the Julie mango. This variety’s season peaks from mid-July to early August. Its fruit has a bright yellow with a hint of pink in the sun-kissed area. It has a thick and tough skin that is very different from the other varieties’ soft and light skin. The orange flesh of this variety is very juicy and sweet with a rich aroma.

Nam Doc Mai

Weight: 350 to 450 grams

This mango variety is considered to be the best variety in all of Thailand. It has an exceptional appearance that is greenish in a color that turns into a canary-yellow with a hint of reddish blush on the sun-exposed part when it fully ripes. It has a long and large-sized fruit that is very slender and weighs about 350 grams. This mango variety is commonly eaten when it is still young and still has a greenish color by dipping it into a specially made sauce.


Weight: 500

This is a giant variety of mango that has an unknown descent. It has many kinds of patented varieties in Florida. The fruits are oblong-shaped that have a size that ranges from 350 to 550 grams depending on their tree size. Duncan’s ripe form has a solid canary yellow color that has no hint of other colors. It has thick waxy skin that makes it a little bit more damage resistant than the other variety. It has an exceptionally sweet but slightly tangy flavor that is reminiscent of that Carabao variety.

How Heavy is a Mango fruit without seed?

Considering the average weight of mangoes is approximately 150 grams and the mango’s seed is about 10-25% of the mango’s total weight. It can be inferred that the weight of the average mango which is 150 grams without its seed which weighs 30 grams on average (20% of the average weight) is 120 grams.



What’s the world’s heaviest mango?

A Colombian farmer who grew the world’s heaviest mango. Guess how heavy this mango is? It’s 4.25 kilograms. And it entered the Guinness Book of World Records. This humongous mango fruit was harvested by German Orlando Novoa and Reina Maria Marroquin, the wife of the said farmer.

How much does an average mango weigh?

Although mangoes vary in size between their varieties, a typical commercial matured mango variety has 60 to 160 mm in length and 50 to 130 mm in width. These mangoes on average have an approximate weight of 150 grams.

What is the weight of a large mango?

300 grams. A commercially medium-sized mango weighs about 150 grams. The much larger-sized mango weighs 100 to 200 grams more than the medium-sized.

How heavy does a mango seed weigh?

The mango seeds weigh approximately 10-25% of the actual size of the fruit. Considering that the average weight of mango is 150 grams. It can be inferred that the average weight of a mango seed is around 15 to 37.5 grams.


Mangoes have different sizes and weights depending on their variety. Nonetheless, all of these mango varieties don’t actually have much of a size and weight difference. Their shapes and colors aren’t that different from each other either taking into account the large number of varieties the fruit has. Although the size, colors, shape, and weight of these different varieties of mangoes aren’t that far off from each other, each one of its varieties has a different and unique taste.

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