The Never Never Plant is a plant that belongs to the genus Ctenanthe which is native to Brazil. Its scientific name is Ctenanthe oppenheimiana. It is referred to as a prayer plant because its leaves fold together upwards in the evening. Knowing how to propagate Never Never plant will increase your plant collection without spending too much. There are two methods to propagate this plant: the cutting method and the division method. 

Propagate Never Never Plants through stem cuttings

Propagating Never Never plant takes less time and effort. A Never never plant can be propagated through stem cutting and division. Stem cutting can be done through water or directly into the pot. 

Propagating plant cuttings into the water

1. Cut a 10-15 cm stem from the parent plant

Use a sharp knife to cut the stem just beneath the node. The node is a part of the plant where leaves are attached. The stems must have a slant or 45 degrees angle cut to strengthen and protect them from diseases and bacteria.

2. Remove the flowers attached to the stem

If there are flowers in your cuttings, you must remove them because it will affect the development of their roots during propagation. The flower will also die and may affect the whole. 

3. Get a small container that will be used for rooting

Use any container that you can find in your house for rooting. You can use a bottle, vase, jar, glass, or anything that can hold water. It must not have a wide opening to prevent the whole stem cutting from falling into the water. The only part that must be soaked in the water is the bottom of the stem. 

4. Put water in the container

The amount of water that it requires is half the container. The water should be changed at least once a week. Adding water is necessary when its level drops to keep the roots hydrated. 

5. Put the stem cuttings in the container with water

This is the process where hormone secretion will take place to develop its roots. Root development will take up to three to four weeks. 

6. Place it in a bright and shaded area

It must be placed in an area where it will get bright indirect light. It will not develop its roots successfully in dark areas. 

7. Monitor the cuttings regularly

The condition of the cuttings must be checked regularly. In this way, you will immediately remove damaged cuttings so that other cuttings will not be affected especially if they are in the same container. Wait for cuttings to develop several roots. The roots must be 1-2 inches long before you transfer them into a pot. 

8. Transfer the cuttings into the pot

The pot must have good drainage so that the roots will absorb the water effectively. Compost should be added to the soil because it provides the plants with the nutrients they need to flourish. 

Propagating plant cuttings directly into the pot

1. Put well-draining soil into the pot

Well-draining soil will keep the plant aerated and help the roots to absorb water efficiently. Some of the benefits that the plant will get are better root systems, prevention of damaged roots, and improvement of soil structure. 

2. Cut 4 to 6 inches of stem from the parent plant

It is necessary to use a sharp knife to ensure a clean cut on the stem that will accelerate the plant’s root development. It must have a 45 degrees angle or slant cut to protect the stem from any bacteria and diseases. The stem must be cut just below the node of the plant. 

3. Put the cuttings into the pot that you prepared

The pot must have good water drainage, well-draining soil, and compost mix so that it will successfully develop its roots. It will grow successfully if its roots are fully developed, that’s why it must be planted in good soil conditions. 

4. Water the plant thoroughly to keep it moist and hydrated

This must be watered carefully to prevent waterlogging. Moist soil is necessary because it carries and distributes nutrients needed to accelerate its growth.  

5. Put the plant in an area where bright indirect light is present

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It needs bright indirect light. It must be placed in a location with consistent, bright lighting that is out of the direct path of the sun.

Propagating Never Never Plant through division

1. Pull out the plant from its original pot

Gently pull the Never Never plant from its original pot so that it will stay intact. When you pull it out with too much force, the stems may break and the roots may be left behind. 

2. Remove the dirt from the roots and dried leaves

Shake the roots gently until the dirt is removed from them. The dried leaves must also be removed because they will not contribute to the growth of the plant. 

3. Pull them apart carefully

The roots of the plant may break apart on their own when you shake off the roots. If it does not break apart independently, you can pull them out one by one gently. 

4. Plant them in a new pot

Choose a pot that has good drainage so that it will access air and absorb water effectively. 

5. Water the Never Never plant thoroughly

Water it thoroughly until the soil becomes moist. The soil will get dry from a lack of water, which will prevent plants from growing properly. An excessive amount of water may cause waterlogging, which will reduce the amount of oxygen sent to the roots.

The best method to propagate

The division is the best method to propagate the Never Never plant. In this method, the original roots will be taken together with the stem so that it will continue its growth. 

The cutting method is not highly recommended because the leaves of the Never Never grow directly on the roots. Root development also takes time and sometimes it doesn’t develop successfully especially if it doesn’t get proper care and attention. 


A Never Never plant has a successful growth rate when it is propagated through division. It also takes less time and effort to grow. The division method is transferring the original plant separately into a new pot so that it will grow continuously in the same manner. 

Care tips for the Never Never plant

Plant it in good soil condition and receive balanced air, water, and sunlight. Regularly monitor it to grow healthy and faster. Proper care and attention will result in successful propagation. 

1. Plant it in good soil condition

It thrives in the soil in good condition. The signs of good soil condition are well-draining, soft and crumbly, low weed pressure, and high in organic matter. 

2. Check its condition regularly

It needs regular monitoring to prevent and immediately address damages. In this way, you will be able to keep it healthy and prolong its life. 

3. Place the plant where there is abundant bright indirect light

It requires bright indirect light. One of the ideal places where you put it is near the window. The glass of the window will protect the plant from direct sunlight. Rotting happens if exposed directly to the sun. 

4. Water it thoroughly


A moisture meter can be used to monitor the moisture of the soil. It can detect the current condition of the soil. When it detects that the soil is dry, it must be watered thoroughly until the soil becomes moist. The soil of the plant will get waterlogged and its roots will be damaged if it receives too much water. 

5. Monitor the humidity and temperature

The average humidity level that Never Never plants require is 75%. Lower humidity will result in dry and damaged leaves. You can use a humidifier to moisten the air when the humidity level drops to prevent the plants from drying out. It is sensitive to frost and will not thrive in a temperature below 13 degrees Celsius. 

6. Use a fertilizer

A fertilizer can be used so that it will receive the necessary nutrients that will help the plant to grow well. Fertilizer must not be used immediately after propagating it. 


Are Ctenanthe and Never Never plant the same? 

Ctenanthe and Never Never are related but not completely similar. Ctenanthe is a genus of the Never Never plant. There are various plants in the Ctenanthe genus and the Never Never is one of its variants. 

How long does it take to propagate? 

Propagating through cuttings will take up to four to five weeks. Propagating it through division is faster because it will be grown in the same manner. 

What kind of plant is the Never Never? 

The Never Never plant is a flowering perennial plant that belongs to the genus Ctenanthe. 


In this article, the steps on how to propagate a Never Never plant are discussed. Division and cutting are the methods that you can use to propagate. It must be planted in well-draining soil, placed in a bright and shaded area, watered sufficiently, and monitored regularly so that it will grow successfully. It provides a relaxing ambiance and adds liveliness to the environment.

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