An Arrowhead plant is a species of aroid that is also a very popular houseplant. This plant is beautiful and easygoing that are suited to be planted indoors as it can be invasive and fast-spreading when planted outdoors. The tropical regions of Central and South America are home to this vining plant. It also comes in several colors such as green, pink, and even red. In this blog post, I will provide you with information on one of the methods of propagating an Arrowhead plant. Tour arrowhead plants can be propagated by transplanting their cuttings. I will list all the necessary steps that are required to successfully propagate an arrowhead plant.

Propagate an Arrowhead Plant from cuttings

You will have to get a cutting from an adult arrowhead plant to start propagating. Prepare your pruner or scissors, cotton ball, and disinfectant. Before taking a cutting from an adult arrowhead plant, it is advised to sterilize your equipment so that you can prevent the disease from spreading, not only in your cutting but also in the adult plant where you will be taking your cutting from. After taking the cutting, prepare a small pot and a well-draining soil mixture.

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Taking a cutting

First, take a good look at your adult arrowhead plant and find a healthy stem to cut. A healthy stem is recommended because weak and unhealthy stems have a very low chance of successfully propagating. It is important to cut it from the base of the stem so that when cut, the nodes will be included too. Your cuttings rooting system will be established from the nodes.

It is also recommended to take your cutting from the area that needs pruning as the adult plant will also benefit from it. It will enhance the growth of new leaves in the part where you took your cutting.

Planting your cutting

Take the pot and fill it with the well-draining soil mixture that you prepared earlier. Give the soil adequate water so that the top inch of the soil is moist before you plant your cutting.

Make a hole in the middle of your soil mix, you do this by simply poking the top inch of the soil with your thumb or a chopstick deep enough so that your cuttings can stand. Press the soil around your cutting firmly to form a little dome. And for the second time, sprinkle the top inch of the soil with water to ensure that the upper part of your soil mix is moist.

Finding a suitable location

Your young cuttings will require a lot of moisture. Thus it is very important to maintain the pot’s humidity. This can be done by constantly misting the cuttings or covering the pot with plastic wrap to keep the soil around it moist.


Next, you need to find a location to place your pot that is bright and provides your cutting access to indirect sunlight. Make sure to not let the soil become dry, water your cuttings regularly so that the soil around the pot is constantly moist.

Letting your cutting root

Weeks after initial planting, your cuttings should already have established their root system. Root growth is not noticeable and has no signs of growing. Take your arrowhead plant out of the pot after every 4 weeks to check the growth of its root system.

Try not to remove the plant too frequently. Taking your arrowhead out of the pot many times can cause damage to its roots and will spurt the plant’s growth.


Your arrowhead plant will just continue to grow bigger and bigger after a month. This means that your plant is big enough to be transferred to a much bigger plant.

Constantly monitor your arrowhead plant as it grows. This will help you spot problems or diseases that the plant caught much earlier and can easily prevent them before they get worse. Always check the top inch of the soil if it is moist. Regularly water your plant until it becomes an adult to prevent the soil from drying.

When to start propagating Arrowhead plants?

Arrowhead plants are best propagated in their growing season during spring, summer, and fall. It is due to the fact that its rooting system will have a much quicker growth during warm weather. It is not impossible to propagate an arrowhead during winter but it takes a bit longer.


Can you propagate Arrowhead plants from leaves?

No. You need your stem cuttings to have leaves left so that your arrowhead cutting can successfully propagate. But using only leaves won’t have a successful propagation. It is because the nodes can only be found at the base of the plant’s stem. Without nodes, your cutting will be unable to produce a root system and will just result in your leaves wilting.

Where do you cut an Arrowhead plant to propagate?

When you take a cutting from an adult arrowhead plant, make sure to cut it from the base of the stem so that the nodes will be included in your cutting. Nodes are necessary for a cutting to develop a strong root system.

Can arrowhead plants root in water?


In addition to propagating in soil, an arrowhead plant can also be propagated in water. In fact, it is simple to grow these green plants in water. Both soil and water can be used to propagate arrowhead plants. Each with its own advantages and disadvantages.


Planting an arrowhead plant is not that hard. In fact, it is very easy and does not require a lot of things to do. Arrowhead plants are fast-growing plants and can grow up to 15 inches a year. The only downside is that after maturing, you will need to constantly prune your arrowhead plant so that it will not overgrow its pot. This can be easily prevented by taking a stem regularly and starting to propagate a new arrowhead plant.

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