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If you are a Filipino, you might wonder what the English terms for pechay, repolyo, and pechay Baguio are, as it is three different kinds of vegetable as far as we know. When in fact, it is the same variety of vegetables that are just known as cabbage, or its famous name, Chinese Cabbage.

The only difference is that a regular cabbage is round and shaped while the Chinese Cabbage grows into an oblong shape and its leaves frill out on the edges. The color also has a slight difference as the latter has a yellowish tint in its leaves compared to the full green leaves of its round counterpart.

Why do we need to learn the English word for Pechay?

Knowing the English word for pechay is a must for Filipinos as we have many names for pechay. So that we can have a general term for Pechay that we made to have different names that just cause confusion.

And we know that Filipinos often have petty squabbles here and there and pretty much take pride in our knowledge. It won’t hurt to brag to your colleagues about knowing the correct English word for a very confusing word such as pechay.

How to use Pechay in an English sentence?

Pechay, also known as snow cabbage, white Chinese cabbage, and sometimes called Chinese chard. In English word, a Pechay is mainly used in a sentence as a subject noun. Here are some examples:

  1. I bought some pechay vegetables in the wet market.
  2. You can grow pechay in your backyard or in a field.
  3. How long does it take to grow a pechay?
  4. I planted pechay yesterday in our own backyard.
  5. Any recipe that has pechay in it is very delicious.
  6. Someone suddenly asked me “How long does it take to grow pechay?” and I answered, “It takes about 30 to 45 days to grow pechay from a seed.”
  7. Some people grow pechay in a pot in cities because of the lack of space.
  8. The price of pechay rose because of the shortage of its production.
  9. It is hard to find pechay vegetables today because of the product shortage and the government limited its distribution.
  10. Every dish that has pechay in it is a favorite of mine.

Most Common Names of Pechay

Pechay Baguio

This name originated from the Filipino people that live in the northern part of the Philippines. The name came to be because of the mass production of Pechay in a province in the Philippines called Baguio. It is a Pechay from Baguio, hence the name “Pechay Baguio.”


This name is what the Filipino people that live in the middle to the lower part of the Philippines call Pechay (Bisaya). It retains the original Filipino name but with a little hint of the local dialect.


This is what Filipinos who live in Manila that use Tagalog as their main language call pechay. It is almost the same as the Bisayan Filipino people called Pechay, with just a slight difference in pronunciation due to their different dialects.


Snow Cabbage

This is also a common term for Pechay. The story behind this name goes back to 1970, during the fall season, cabbage prices plummeted. That is why several houses never harvested their cabbage plants in the fields and left them until spring. When spring came, they saw fresh young cabbages dotting the snow, thus the name “Snow Cabbage” came to be.

Chinese White Cabbage

Pechay is commonly known as Snow Cabbage in western countries and even in Asia. This term came from the color of the Cabbage’s white base. And it is known that Cabbages originated in China hence the name “Chinese White Cabbage”

Napa Cabbage

A variety of Chinese Cabbage is very famous in Korea and is known as Napa Cabbage. It is very popular as it is very cheap and can be used in a lot of dishes, mainly kimchi. Napa Cabbage kimchi is one of the trademarks of Korean dishes.

Chinese Cabbage

This is the most famous name of Pechay Baguio. From Western countries to Asian countries, everyone calls pechay Chinese Cabbage. Chinese Cabbage has many varieties of names that already branched out depending on the country’s or the place’s local language and dialect.


It is what we Filipinos call Pechay. Bokchoy is a type of Chinese cabbage that is a green and leafy vegetable that is native to China. It is pretty popular and is often used in Asian cuisines.

What is the scientific name of Pechay?

Brassica rapa subsp. chinensis is the scientific name of Bok choy also known as Pechay in Tagalog and is a type of cabbage that is used for food. The Chinensis is a variety that has green leafy blades with light bottoms and does not form heads. This variety forms a cluster that closely looks like a mustard of greens.

Is Pechay and Bokchoy the same?

Bokchoy is a variety of cabbage that Filipino people call Pechay. It is a leaf vegetable that is great and easy to use in kitchens because of its lightness. It is also known by several other names. Although names may differ, Bokchoy, cabbage, and Chinese Cabbage don’t have much of a difference from each other besides their shape, sizes, and colors.


Pechay is a very vague word that Filipinos use. We have given many different names for it when it only has one English word. Terms like, pechay, repolyo, and pechay baguio are three different vegetables here in the Philippines when in fact, it has only one English term, “cabbage.” Even though they have slight differences, pechay in English is really just plain old cabbage. But even if it’s confusing, it really is a fun word to have especially for Filipinos, as we are very known for our shallow sense of humor. We occasionally criticize our friends when they utilize the pechay term incorrectly to convey their intended meaning.

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