While growing and taking care of eggplant is very easy and simple, one might encounter issues like its leaves curling. People may initially panic because they are unsure of what to do. However, an eggplant’s curling leaves are just an early sign of a much bigger problem, so it is pretty easy to treat. The first thing you would want to do is figure out what’s causing the problem in the first place. Find out the reasons why this problem struck your eggplant and how to treat it.

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Why are the leaves of my eggplant curled?

There are a lot of reasons why eggplant leaves are curling. When this issue arises, it may have a much bigger impact on the plant’s overall growth than you know. The plant may get weaker as a result, or worse, fewer and smaller eggplants will be harvested.

The following are the most typical causes of your eggplant’s curled leaves:

Not getting enough water

Insufficient watering is one of the primary causes of curled eggplant leaves, which is also a very common occurrence. If you do not give your eggplants enough water, their leaves could start to curl. Every time your eggplants get too thirsty, you’ll notice a little withering due to underwatering. If the leaves are noticeably curling, there’s a good chance that you have underwatered your eggplant.

A tiny bit of curling could be a sign that you watered your eggplant a little bit late. Ongoing watering issues can result in more problems for your eggplant. And even if the plant survives, it may not bear the huge fruits that one would expect when you picture eggplants.

Pest Problems


If nothing is done to control them, pests may eventually cause eggplant leaves to curl. The leaves of eggplant may start to curl immediately after being attacked by pests. Spider mites could be one of the causes of your eggplant’s leaves curling. These tiny spiders are so small that it will be impossible to detect them with your naked eye. Aphids are one bug that can cause issues comparable to these. Aphids, which irritate plants and are frequently seen in gardens, can cause the leaves of eggplant to curl and change color.

The liquids from the leaves of your eggplant will be sucked dry by these bugs. The leaves will begin to curl in the early stages and eventually die.

Sunlight Issues

You might not be cultivating your eggplants in the ideal environment, which can cause the leaves to start curling. It is because people will just plant anything that they could think of in their garden without doing proper research to make sure that their plants will grow properly. If so, they will not be aware of what their plants need in order to properly thrive.


Eggplants prefer a lot of sunlight. It’s most likely that gardeners that grow eggplants plant them in partial or fully shaded locations. That’s why their eggplants didn’t grow as planned. It is important to know that eggplants really like heat. That suggests that eggplants will react differently depending on the changes in weather conditions.


Diseases can also result in curled eggplant leaves. Leaves curling could be caused by a variety of plant diseases. One of the most common viruses that can cause the leaves of your eggplants to curl is the spotted wilt virus. The virus will target the leaves of your eggplant and cause them to start wilting. Another virus that can potentially infect your eggplant is the mosaic virus. The most noticeable signs of this virus are the hint of green on your eggplant’s leaves and if you see the leaves of your eggplant start curling.

How do I stop my eggplant leaves from curling?

  1. There is a possibility that the eggplant will perish if you don’t change the situation. If your eggplant appears to be in bad condition, you may have neglected it for too long. Plants require water to survive. Your eggplant could get more active, and its problem might eventually start to improve if you water it properly. Eggplants normally need only an inch of water every week in order to survive, so it is advised that you water them only once a week.
  2. Many problems that appear on your eggplants will be attributed to pests. So if pests start to infest your plants, it is crucial to immediately make a change. It is better to take action as fast as possible to eradicate infestations in their early stages than when it is already serious.
  3. Most of the time, the best way to prevent a disease is to remove the plant that is infected and dispose of it properly. You would need to act quickly to prevent future issues because you don’t want the rest of your garden to become diseased.
    • Fungicides can aid in the management of infections that affect eggplants and may result in leaf curl and other issues.
  4. Placing your eggplant in a location where it can receive full exposure to sunlight is the best way to prevent its leaves from curling because eggplants do love sunlight. With this simple solution, you can prevent the leaves of your eggplant from curling, or fix the problem on an eggplant that’s already started to curl.

Should I cut off the curled leaves of an eggplant?

If you find out what is causing the curling, you should be able to treat your eggplant to get it back to normal quickly. However, if curled leaves do continue, it is best to remove them so that your plant can save its energy for healthy leaves.



You ought to be able to take excellent care of your eggplants if you follow the appropriate procedures. Simply make sure you’re carrying out your duties in order to support their success. You know what to watch out for, and if you put in the necessary effort and pay attention to your plant, you should be able to treat your eggplants easily.

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