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Want to plant a calamansi tree but don’t know how and what to do? You may wonder why your calamansi tree is growing very slowly. And just couldn’t sit around without doing something to make it grow as fast as it can. Well, keep reading this article and find out. In this blog post, I will be telling you how to grow your calamansi tree faster, how long it takes to grow, and how long it takes to be able to harvest from them.

How long does calamansi take to grow?

The short answer is 3 to 6 weeks. The fastest that a calamansi seed can sprout is approximately 3 weeks after being planted. And the longest it’ll take for it to sprout is within 6 or 7 weeks after planting.


When calamansi seeds are taken care of really well. Its germination process could occur within three to six weeks. You must ensure that all the steps were followed correctly if you want the calamansi to germinate more quickly. It is important to place its seedlings in a bright space that is not exposed directly to sunlight and make sure to water them regularly to allow them to sprout quicker.

How long does it take for a calamansi tree to reach maturity?

It takes 3 to 5 years for a calamansi to reach maturity. After around six weeks from being a seedling, calamansi trees will have already grown several inches tall and will start to sprout leaves. And as soon as you can see two fully-grown leaves, it is a sign that the seedling can now be moved into its own pot. From a sapling, it takes a calamansi tree up to three to five years before reaching full maturity.

3 years is the fastest time for the calamansi tree to reach its maturity point. This means that it has been taken really well and the area where it was planted enhanced its growth. While taking 5 years is too long of a period of time for a calamansi tree to mature. If you have taken really well of your calamansi tree and it took 5 years to mature, this usually means that the soil where you’ve planted the tree isn’t really suitable for the calamansi tree. Hence, its growth was spurted.

Note: Putting the calamansi tree in a pot will also spurt its growth as its roots won’t have the freedom to bury themselves more beneath the ground. And the growth of the tree’s roots corresponds to the growth of the actual calamansi tree itself. It is advisable to transfer the calamansi tree into a bigger pot or an open area to further enhance its growth.

When does calamansi start to grow flowers?

The calamansi will start to grow flowers in 2 to 3 years. Even before reaching full maturity, calamansi trees start to grow flowers and bear fruits around two to three years after planting. It is important to note that if your calamansi is in a pot, you are encouraged to transplant it into a much bigger one so that it can continue to grow.

The space is important for the calamansi tree because the root’s growth also stimulates the calamansi tree itself to blossom flowers and bear fruits. Taking into account that the calamansi tree matures in 3 to 5 years, it will start to grow flowers in 2 to three years before reaching maturity to finally grow flowers and bear fruit.

The blooming of flowers depends on the progress of the calamansi tree’s maturity. The earlier it will mature, the earlier the flowers will bloom.

Preparation before planting a Calamansi Tree

You need a seedling or a mature calamansi tree before you can plant one. You either prepare the seed for the germination process or just cut a branch from an adult calamansi tree to directly plant it in an open area or a pot.

The former is the fastest way to plant a calamansi tree as it will skip the germination process and you won’t have to wait for the seedling to grow into a young sapling. Planting a cutting will skip these two processes and will just immediately sprout leaves and it will also have a better survival rate than planting a calamansi tree from a seed.


How long does calamansi live?

Calamansi trees can grow in a variety of soil conditions, including clay, loam, limestones, and even sand. It has a long lifespan that can last up to 40 years or more.

How long does it take to be able to harvest calamansi fruit?

Small fruits will emerge six weeks after the initial appearance of their flowers. The fruits will attain commercial maturity at thirteen to fourteen weeks from the initial appearance of the flowers or seven to eight weeks from the fruit set. So from a commercial standpoint, you will be able to harvest a calamansi fruit 90 to 100 days after it begins to bud flowers.

How can I make my calamansi tree grow faster?

A calamansi tree grows best in sandy soils that are constantly dry and does not absorb water. It is also important to fertilize your calamansi tree during its growing stage with a citrus fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen. A calamansi tree also requires to be watered regularly and needs to be exposed to sunlight. So having soil that drains really well and having it placed exactly in an area where it can have direct exposure to sunlight are good for calamansi’s growth.


Growing a calamansi tree takes a lot of patience as it really takes a long time before it matures. This is why you can’t help yourself by searching “How long does it take for a calamansi to grow?” Calamansi takes years before it can develop into a tree that constantly produces fruit. However, the time that you took in growing a calamansi tree is very worthwhile. As calamansi trees have a very long lifespan and will be around for a very long time before eventually dying.

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