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In this blog post, I will cover all the information that you needed about how to grow soursop trees. A soursop tree can be grown in two different ways. A soursop tree can be grown from seeds or by taking a healthy branch from an adult soursop tree and directly planting its cutting. I will go over the steps for successfully growing a healthy soursop tree from a seed or by cutting. You will find it simple and easy to grow it on your own after reading this article.

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How to grow soursop from seeds?

Before knowing how to grow a soursop tree from a seed, there are important things that you need to remember about planting soursop seeds. The seeds that you will plant need to be given special attention before and after planting so that they can grow vigorously and produce a bountiful amount of fruits!

Here are the ways how to grow a soursop tree from seeds:

Obtaining a seed

Take a seed directly from a soursop fruit. In order to hasten the germination process of the seeds, it is advisable to soak them in water overnight. This method is a very effective way to quicken the germination process of the seed because soaking them in water softens the seed’s hard coat and also aids the seed’s moisture absorption.

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Planting your seed

You can also choose to sow them in a sterile seed-starting mixture. The optimum depth is about half or one inch deep. Check the mixture regularly and make sure that the mixture is always damp. This process will allow the seed to hasten its germination between 2 weeks to 4 weeks.

Watering your seed

Regular watering of the soursop tree is necessary as the growing season continues to keep them from becoming stressed. If your soursop tree becomes stressed, this will cause the newly sprouted leaves to fall out. You should also apply compost, animal manure, or even commercial fertilizer to the soil around your soursop tree to keep the soil around it moist and damp.


When your soursop tree grows big enough, you can transfer it to an open field. Make sure that the soil where you are going to transfer your soursop tree is well drained. The soil will play a big part in enhancing the development and growth of your soursop tree.

In choosing an area where to plant your soursop tree, make sure to find a location that will allow the soursop tree to have full to partial sunlight exposure to sunlight. Additionally, it is crucial to position your soursop tree roughly 20 feet away from any structures or other trees. A site that is not prone to flooding is also important as a soursop tree can’t tolerate standing water.

Applying insecticides

After years from initial planting, your soursop tree will be fully mature and can probably be self-sufficient and won’t need much-taking care of. In this phase, you can still help your soursop tree by applying fertilizer or pesticides once a month to help the tree control the pests that will keep pestering it, especially during the fruit-bearing period.

How to grow soursop from cuttings?

Although soursop trees are ideally grown from seeds, like other fruit-bearing trees, a soursop tree can also be grown from a cutting. This will allow your soursop tree to grow exactly the same tree as its parent tree. This is because it was taken straight from its parent tree. Unlike growing it from seed where the genetic variation will be slightly different from a mother tree. A seed that is cross-pollinated will result in a very different variation from the parent tree.

Here are the steps on how to grow a soursop tree from a cutting:

Obtain a cutting

Take a fresh cutting from an adult soursop tree that is four to eight inches in length. Remove all the leaves and twigs that are attached to your cutting. It is advised to apply a hormone powder to the end of your cutting to enhance its root growth. You can buy hormone powder from the local stores at your place.

Growing the cutting’s roots

There are two ways that will allow your cutting to grow roots. You can either place your cutting in a container that is filled with water or just directly plant the tree in a pot that is filled with loam soil.

If you decide to grow the roots of your cutting by placing them in water, it is important to know the amount of water you should put in the container. The appropriate amount of water should be around 3 inches high from the container’s base. You should also check the cutting regularly to see if the water inside the container evaporated and fill the water again up to three inches high.

If you opt to choose to grow the roots of your cutting by directly placing it in the soil, you should choose loamy soil that drains well and water doesn’t stand. You should always check the cutting after planting it directly to see if the soil is always moist. Refrain from overwatering it if the soil is still moist. On the other hand, if the soil is already dry, do not hesitate to water your cutting immediately.


After a few weeks and your cutting successfully roots, it is a sign that your cutting is ready to be transplanted to a bigger pot or an open field. It is important to keep the soil consistently moist as your soursop tree actively grows. This is a necessary thing to do to allow your young tree to develop a strong root system.

Choose an area where your young soursop tree will have direct exposure to sunlight. This is due to the fact that the soursop tree needs to have at least 6 hours of sun exposure every single day. Water your young soursop tree frequently to keep the soil around it consistently moist. It is required to water them regularly every 3 to 4 days.


As your soursop tree gets bigger and bigger, it also needs to be transferred to a bigger pot. This is necessary for the tree’s roots to have more freedom to grow. This also quickens the young soursop tree’s growth. And once it is big enough that you think the tree can withstand the weather outdoors, you can opt to plant your soursop tree in the open field.

While in the growing stage, it is also important to apply fertilizer, compost, or animal manure around your young tree to enhance its growth. To encourage the growth of your soursop tree, you can choose to use fertilizer on it once a month. This will allow your soursop tree to reach its maturity and bear fruit in a much lesser timeframe.

Applying insecticides

If you notice bugs and insects infesting your tree, you can also apply pesticides on your soursop tree to get rid of the bugs and insects that pester your tree. This can also prevent the tree from being sick and keep the fruits healthy. You can freely choose the pesticide you want to use, albeit natural or commercial pesticides that you can buy in your local stores.

Can you grow soursop in a pot?

Although it will limit the tree’s growth, it is possible to grow a soursop tree in a pot. A soursop tree can grow healthy and can also bear fruit within a pot if it is given proper care. But within the pot, the roots of a soursop tree will have less freedom to grow. This will reflect the actual size of your soursop tree and will result in the potted soursop tree plants growing smaller in comparison to the soursop trees that are grown in an open field.

How long does it take for soursop to bear fruit?

A soursop tree matures within 15 to 21 weeks after the initial planting of its seeds. The tree will produce flowers and bear fruit after three to five years.

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Can you grow soursop in the USA?

In the USA, a soursop tree can only grow in selected states where there is no winter season. The soursop tree can thrive in most parts of Florida and certain parts of Arizona and Texas. The soursop tree can also grow on tropical islands in Hawaii. Soursop trees are the tropical tree that will not be able to survive frost.


There are two different ways to grow soursop trees. Growing a soursop tree from seed will take a bit longer than growing it through grafting, even though both methods require a long period of time for the tree to mature. The fastest way to grow this tree is with a method called grafting. This method also allows the soursop tree to bear fruits quicker than just planting a seed. Without learning the correct procedures first, you cannot immediately plant your soursop tree seeds or cuttings. It is necessary to do some research and learn how it properly.

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