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In this article, we are going to discuss the different parts of the Banana tree including its main functions, and the role that helps the tree to live and thrive.

About Banana Tree

Everybody has already eaten one, a Banana. As we all know that fruits give nutrients to the body. They make both adults and kids strong and healthy. Given the fact that there are so many fruits one can have, the most common one is the banana.


It can be found in all places but it is most widely available in Asia. Kids loved this because o its bright yellow color which is appealing to the eyes of youngsters. Aside from their color, bananas are also sweet which is also one of their likable traits. It provides a lot of healthy benefits to the body.

What are the parts of the Banana Tree?

Each part of the banana tree has its own role and function. They have all special responsibilities that make banana trees useful. From the roots to its flower, everything is special.            

Root System

The root system is responsible for absorbing water that carries nutrients up to the stem and all parts of the banana plant. This somehow becomes the most important part of the plant for it is the one responsible for taking the nutrients up to the trunk or stem and even up to its flowers and fruits.


The rhizome is the part where the bananas are being produced or grown. This served as the protective part so that the bananas can grow freely with the right protection and this is also the one responsible for the passage of airways to the plant.


The pseudostem is more likely the overlapping sheets of leaves which in general act like the trunk of the plant. This is the base of the plant which allows it to have its structure now. Just like most trees, the Banana plant also has its own unique trunk which is also known as the pseudostem.


The leaf of the banana can be of many uses. It can be used as a cover for eatables to avoid dust coming into our foods. People also used banana leaves as their alternative for plates when eating. They clean it and placed their food on top f it.

It is also said that the banana leaf can be used for packaging foods which up until today we used it. It is also famous in Asian countries such as the Philippines for they used it when they do “Boodle fight” the tradition of lining up in groups and using bare hands for eating. They use the large banana leaf and put all kinds of dishes they will be sharing.


Another stem that develops from the base of the banana plant or from below the rhizomes is referred to as a sucker. It is one of the pups that helps propagate the said plant.


The inflorescence is the tree’s flowers that will soon develop into fruits. This is the one that grows on top of the pseudostem or the stem.

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This is also known as the yellow fruit that we all know as the yellow fruit or Banana. It has a sweet and addictive taste that everyone loves.


The penducle is the stem that supports the flowers and it is near the fruits of the trunk. The penducle is a bit longer than the trunk or the stem. This can usually be found on top of the trunk near its flower or fruit.


The cluster is the group of fruits in one penducle. Bananas that are mostly in groups are what we call clusters. The finger-like structure of the banana that we often see hanging on top of the stem is the cluster of bananas.

What is a banana stem called?

Stem is like the base part of the banana tree. It holds the plant for it to grow and stand still. The stem is actually divided into three. The rhizome, aerial stem, and pendulum. The banana grows on top of it. The stem is one of the important parts of the Banana tree. The core of the banana stem can be cooked or it can also be used for its juice. That is how useful the banana stem is.

What are the special parts of bananas?

Most of its parts are considered special. Banana is actually a massive herb related to orchids and many other flowers. Banana is actually the largest plants on earth without a woody stem. Every part of the banana plant has health benefits.

Starting from the fruit which is rich in vitamins, its stem which can be of many uses, its leaves which can be used as an alternative for plates when none is available, and many more.  Lastly, its flowers which is good for balancing out blood sugar level in the body.

Bananas definitely can offer a lot of benefits. It’s not just the fruit that can offer a lot. The stem and many more parts of the banana tree can be useful to the environment and to people.

What is a banana bulb?

The banana bulb is actually the seed of the banana tree. It is actually seen with a cone shape and with reddish to maroon in a color that appears to be a flower below a ripe banana.

It looks like it cannot be eaten but then in all fairness, this banana bulb can also be eaten and gives equal nutrients to our body same as what the banana fruit can give us.


The banana plant is considered so versatile for all of its parts usages. Starting from its stem up to its flowers and fruits. Bananas can be harvested at any time because the growth is suitable for all kinds of seasons. Bananas can be eaten immediately or cooked first. The nutrients in bananas are beneficial for the health of the human body and can also be used as traditional medicine. Truly amazing how one fruit or plant helps us become way healthier than usual. Amazing fruit with amazing health benefits.

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