There are three methods on how you can grow a Mexican oregano plant. I will cover all the essential information about each of the three methods of Mexican oregano propagation in this post. And I will carefully explain in detail each method and walk you through the steps of successfully propagating a new Mexican oregano plant using each method.

About Mexican Oregano

Lippia Graveolens also known as Mexican oregano, is a species of flowering plant that is a part of the verbena or vervain family, Verbenaceae. This plant is mostly found and originated in the US, Mexico, and Central America.

Not only is Mexican Oregano a famous flowering plant, but it is also a very popular herb mixed in Mexican cooking. This plant is widely used in Mexican and Central American cuisine. It provides a grassy and earthly aroma with a hint of citrus undertones in many dishes. Mexican oregano not only has the taste of licorice but it has a hint of lemon and citrus flavors as well that fit very well with Mexican dishes. Mexican oregano is often paired with chili and salsas.

Can you grow Mexican oregano from cuttings?

There are many ways you can grow Mexican oregano. One of the many methods to propagate a Mexican oregano plant is through its cutting. You would just need to cut a branch or stem from an adult Mexican oregano plant and plant it directly to grow a new Plant. Propagating Mexican oregano from cuttings is one of the easiest ways to grow Mexican oregano as it does not require a lot of effort. You will just need to simply cut a part of an adult Mexican oregano plant and directly plant it in a potting mix that you’ve prepared.

When to propagate Mexican oregano?

Propagating a Mexican oregano plant outdoors is best done in early spring. However, you can also propagate them almost any time you want indoors. As they thrive best when exposed to full sun, they can’t survive the cold temperature during winter.

While propagating a new Mexican oregano plant from its seed is best done in early spring. Dividing an adult Mexican oregano plant, especially the one planted in containers, is best done in spring and autumn, every 2 to 3 years after planting the plant.

How to propagate Mexican Oregano?

How to propagate Mexican OreganoPin

It is easy to start growing Mexican oregano as you have plenty of choices of what method you want to use if you want to grow one. There are three ways how you can propagate Mexican oregano, it can be grown from cutting, seed, or division.

Here are the steps on how to propagate Mexican oregano:

Propagating Mexican Oregano by division


Choose a healthy Mexican oregano plant that you want to divide. It is important to choose a healthy plant as the health of a parent plant would determine the chances of successful propagation. Have the tools that you will need for planting ready; pots, soil mixture, spade, gloves, and shears.

Dividing an adult Mexican oregano plant

Take out the adult Mexican oregano plant from its pot and start loosening the soil from its roots. Pry apart the noticeable stems and roots that have formed separately. The goal is to divide the plant into separate pieces with its roots intact to each stem.

Preparing the pot

Fill your pot with the soil mixture that you’ve prepared and plant your new Mexican oregano plant. Although it is not required, it is also advised to apply your soil mixed with some water-retention crystals and fertilizers. These can be bought in your local stores or on online websites.

Watering your young plant

Water your new plant well. Make sure to water your new plant daily for a week or two after its initial planting to allow your Mexican oregano plant to take up the required nutrients to enhance its root growth. Only give your young plant adequate water. Avoid overwatering because too much water will cause the young plant’s roots to rot.

Monitoring the young plant

Monitor your plants as they are growing. This will help you prevent them from having diseases, or keep the diseases that they acquired from getting worse. In this stage of your plant, you can also opt to apply pesticides to prevent insects from harming your plant.

Propagating Mexican Oregano through cuttings

Preparing the equipment needed

Prepare a sharp knife or shears. It is also advised to sanitize the equipment that you will be using to cut the adult Mexican oregano. By doing this, you can prevent bacteria from spreading to your cutting and your adult plant.

Obtaining your cutting

Cut a young stem that is about 8 inches in length. It is also recommended to choose the healthiest-looking stem for you to cut. After cutting, take out a third or so of the leaves that are still attached to the cutting’s base.


Note: It is best to get your cutting done in the morning. This is the time of the day that they are freshest and is best to plant before the sun is at its peak to prevent both your plant and cutting from becoming stressed.

Planting the cutting

You can opt to apply a rooting hormone to the end of your cutting before planting to enhance the cutting’s root growth. Although this process is not required, it is highly recommended.

Dig a hole in the middle of your soil mix and insert your Mexican oregano cutting in. Cover the hole with soil by gently tapping the surrounding area around it until it is shaped like a dome. Give your cuttings adequate water to moisten the soil around them.

Watering your cutting

Regularly water your cutting until it will start to sprout new leaves. Always keep the soil mixture around it moist but not wet. It is advised to keep your young plant in a sheltered location or indoors, this is to prevent its leaves from wilting. After one or two months, when the root system of your new plant is fully established, it will be ready to be transplanted.


Transplant your young Mexican Oregano into a new pot. Keep in mind that the size of its new pot can handle the size of an adult Mexican oregano. It is advised that you choose a container with a reliable drainage system, this will prevent the water that you give to your plant from clogging inside the pot. After transplanting, give your young plant a little bit of water.

Propagating from seeds

Preparation for sowing the seed

You can obtain a Mexican Oregano seed from an adult plant. If you are new to planting Mexican oregano, you can obtain its seed from your own local store or online. Prepare a tiny container, preferably plastic as plastics help the area around it stay humid. Fill the container with well-draining soil or compost. And, sprinkle it with a little water on the surface to keep it moist.

Sowing the seeds

If you want to start sowing them indoors, you will want to plant the seeds about a quarter of an inch deep in their respective pots or seed trays. The recommended amount of seeds that are ideal to put in each hole is about 2 to 5 seeds. After sowing the seeds, place the pot or seed trays in a sunny spot and water them uniformly. Let the seeds germinate for a few weeks.

Transplanting your young plant

When the seedlings already sprout 4 to 5 true leaves, it is a sign that they are already established enough to be transplanted in your garden or a bigger pot. If you are planning to grow Mexican oregano in a pot, you will need to prepare a pot that has a width and depth of at least 12 inches. This is keeping in mind the actual size of an adult Mexican oregano plant.


Watering your young plant

Your young plant is required to be watered regularly to inspire new leaves to sprout. Regularly watering your young plant is necessary to allow its new root system to take up the needed nutrients that will boost the plant’s growth and development.


Mexican oregano thrives in an environment that is hot and dry. They also flourish in soils that are rich, have average moisture, and the well-draining. Although the plant loves the sun, it is also important to offer or give it a partial stage in especially hot climates. To make it even more healthy, fertilizing the soil around it is recommended. Lastly, it is important to keep the soil around your plant consistently moist and regularly water the top inch of the soil when it starts drying up. Propagating Mexican oregano is really easy and simple.

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