Propagating and taking care of Chinese Evergreen plants is easy. It can be propagated through the stem cuttings method and the division method. Spring and summer are the best seasons to propagate it. Knowing how to propagate Chinese evergreen plants properly will increase your plant collection without spending too much. In this article, the propagation process of this plant through the stem-cutting method and the division method will be discussed thoroughly.

About Chinese Evergreen Plant

Chinese evergreen plant belongs to the genus Aglaonema. Some of its varieties are Creta, Cutlass, Harlequin, Red Gold, Suzy, and Emerald Bay. Its cultivars have speckles and streaks of colors such as white, yellow, pink, and red. The typical height of a mature plant is 3 feet, but there are instances where it can grow up to 5 feet. It is toxic to pets such as dogs, cats, and horses. The ideal temperature for this plant is 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The typical lifespan of a Chinese Evergreen plant is 8 years.

Why propagate Chinese Evergreen? 

Propagating Chinese Evergreen plants is beneficial to the health and environment. These benefits are the reasons why people propagate this plant. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should propagate a Chinese Evergreen:

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  1. Air purification. Chinese Evergreen eliminates formaldehyde and benzene from the air. Propagating this plant will purify the air better. Its air-purifying feature can reduce allergy triggers.
  2. Feng Shui. According to Feng Shui, this plant brings positive energy and financial prosperity. Some regions called it a Money Plant because they believed that it can attract more money. Those who believe in Feng Shui use this plant as a lucky charm in winning the lottery.
  3. Low maintenance. It doesn’t require frequent watering and it can thrive in lower light conditions.
  4. Easy to propagate. It is one of the easiest plants to propagate so you can increase your plant collection faster.
  5. Good for the environment. It has colorful leaves that add an aesthetic look to the environment. It freshens and cleans the air so air pollutants can be eliminated.
  6. Reduces stress. Chinese evergreen can improve your mood. A good mood can help you to increase your focus so you will be more productive.

When to propagate Chinese evergreen? 

There are two factors to consider to know when to propagate a Chinese evergreen plant: the season and the condition of the parent plant. 

The best season to propagate Chinese evergreen plants is in spring and early summer. In these seasons, the roots will be developed faster. The parent plant must be in good condition. It must be healthy and mature to propagate it effectively. 


The right season and parent plant condition are crucial for effective Chinese Evergreen propagation. Chinese evergreen plant will grow healthier and faster when it is propagated at the right time.

How to propagate Chinese evergreen

Chinese evergreen plants can be propagated using the stem-cutting method and the division method. Listed below are steps with each method.

Propagating using a stem-cutting method

  1. Prepare all the materials
    • The materials that you will need are a healthy and mature parent plant, disinfected knife or pruner, rooting hormone, container, liquid fertilizer, well-draining potting mix, pot, and water.
  2. Cut a 6 to 8 inches stem of a parent plant
    • Choose a healthy stem with new growth. Make a diagonal cut on the stem and take off the leaves on its lower part for the plant to develop its roots faster. Dip the end cuttings in rooting hormone to support its root development.
  3. Root it in water or soil
    • If you will propagate Chinese evergreen plants in soil using the cutting method, you must plant them in well-draining soil to develop their roots faster. Plant cuttings separately if you want to grow them directly in the soil. Cover it loosely with a plastic bag to lock in the moisture. Remove the plastic bag when the roots start to develop.
    • If you will propagate Chinese evergreens in water using the cutting method, put water into the container and add a liquid fertilizer to support the plant’s growth and development. Change the water regularly to avoid stagnation.
  4. Transfer it to the soil
    • When it produces numerous roots with 1-inch in length, it can be transferred to a new pot. A soil with perlite, peat-based potting soil, or the potting mix that you preferred can be used in propagating it effectively.
  5. Monitor its condition regularly
    • Regular monitoring will keep the plant healthy and make the propagation more effective. Keep the soil moist, maintain an 18 to 27 degree Celsius, avoid direct sunlight, and keep an average to high room humidity to prevent any plant issues.

Propagating using the division method

  1. Prepare all the materials
    • The materials that you will need are a disinfected knife or pruner, a healthy and mature parent plant, water, well-draining soil, and a pot.
  2. Gently remove the plant from the pot
    • Gently shake the soil and check the root ball of the plant to see if there are damages. Cut away the damaged roots to prevent them from damaging the plants.
  3. Separate the plant
    • Gently pull the roots apart with your hands. If the root cannot be separated easily, use a knife to pull them apart. Dip it in a rooting hormone to support its root development. Applying fungicides will prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi.
  4. Plant it in a new pot 
    • The potting mix that you will use must be the same as the parent plant to avoid transplant shock. It will help the plant to adapt faster because it will be grown in the same environmental condition. Pat the soil gently around the stem to keep the plant steady.
  5. Take good care of the plant
    • Put it in an area where there is an average to high humidity level and indirect sunlight. Leaves can be cleaned occasionally with a cloth to keep them clean and prevent any pests.


Chinese evergreen plant is easy to propagate and grow. In this article, the steps of how to propagate Chinese evergreen plants are discussed. Stem cuttings and division are the two methods that you can use to propagate it. Chinese Evergreen propagation using the division method is more effective than the stem-cutting method. The plant will grow faster because it will adapt faster to a new environment. Propagation of Chinese evergreen plants has a lot of benefits such as air purification, low maintenance, boosted productivity, and reduced stress. 

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