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Planning on planting and growing an ampalaya plant? Or perhaps you already have an ampalaya plant and are impatiently wanting to know how long does it take for an ampalaya to grow? Then this article is for you. In this blog post, I will write about how long it will take for an ampalaya to mature from a seedling, how many days it takes to grow flowers, and when it will start bearing fruits.

How long will it take to grow an Ampalaya?

From a seed, if we take the germination process into account which is 10 days. From a seedling, it will take a total of 45 days for the ampalaya vine to fully mature. The total amount of days for an ampalaya to fully grow can be inferred to be between 50 to 60 days, more or less.

The growth of an ampalaya plant depends on the conditions that it was in. The average days that are said above depend on how you took care of your ampalaya plant.

A big factor that affects the vine’s growth is sunlight, water, and the soil where it was planted. An ampalaya vine loves sunlight and needs at least 6 hours of daily exposure to sunlight. It is also important to ensure that the ampalaya vine is always hydrated.

Although ampalaya vines need to be hydrated, an important thing to also note is that being soaked in water is also bad for the plant’s growth. It is very important to ensure that the place you planted your ampalaya plant is well-drained.

When does ampalaya start to grow flowers?

It is estimated that an ampalaya vine takes an average of 45 days to fully mature and will start producing flowers. After reaching full maturity which takes 40 to 45 days, the ampalaya plant doesn’t take too long to produce a beautiful yellow flower that later on turns into a young ampalaya fruit.

This estimation depends on how well the ampalaya plant was taken care of. From having rich soil to the fertilizers that were used. The soil makes a big impact on how well the ampalaya plants develop which also directly corresponds to how quickly the ampalaya plant bears flowers.

The richer the soil the ampalaya plant was put in, the faster its growth speed. And the faster, the ampalaya plant’s growth speed is, the faster it is for the plant to reach full maturity. Hence, a quick bearing of flowers.

Insecticides also play a big role in how fast the ampalaya plants bear flowers. No plant will really grow well and produce healthy fruits if it is infested with insects and bugs. And it is also important to make sure in choosing an insecticide that will not affect the fruit’s quality.

How long will it take to harvest an ampalaya fruit?

From a young budding flower, an ampalaya fruit emerges after a few weeks. It will then take three to four weeks before the ampalaya fully ripens and can be commercially harvested.


The ampalaya’s fruit production rate directly corresponds to the plant’s development. How you took care of your ampalaya plant greatly impacts the ampalaya’s fruit production in terms of its quality, rate, and speed. The important thing that greatly affects the plant’s development is the quality of the soil it was put in.

It is very important to put the plant in nutrient-rich soil and even add organic fertilizers to ensure that the plant will attain its optimum growth. Pesticides also directly affect the fruit’s production. Without it, the fruit won’t be a marketable product and will be a waste because the fruit will be infested with pests before it ever reaches the stage where it can be commercially harvested.


Is it easy to grow ampalaya?

Ampalaya is the same family of plants as cucumbers, melons, and squash. It is a fast-growing vine that produces fruits that look exactly the same as a cucumber.

It is very relatively easy to grow ampalaya in a tropical country like the Philippines as the ampalaya ideally needs an average of six hours per day of direct exposure to sunlight. The Philippines also has organic-rich loam soils that the ampalaya plant loves.

How long does it take for an ampalaya seed to germinate?

When taken care of really well, the ampalaya seeds can germinate in the quickest way possible in five days. You must make sure to water the soil generously and make sure that the water will have good contact with the seed.

The quickest time an ampalaya seed takes to germinate is within five days, however, the average can generally take between five and ten days depending on how compatible the seed is with the room temperature from where you put the seed in.

How can I make my ampalaya grow faster?

An ampalaya seedling needs a consistent dose of water and daily exposure to sunlight after germinating. This early process is very important for a merging seedling as these two things will enhance the growth speed of the young seedling throughout its growing season.

It is also important to take note that the soil where the seedlings were planted directly affects the speed of the seedlings’ growth. Ampalaya thrives best in organic-rich loam soil that is not subjected to stagnant water. Fertilizers are also recommended for those who want their ampalaya plant to grow healthy and as quickly as possible.


The ampalaya plant grows very quickly from a seed to a mature ampalaya plant. You will be able to harvest a fruit just within two months of planting an ampalaya plant. Growing it is fairly easy, as it does not need a lot of space and is really easy to take care of. You won’t need to find a place that has a lot of shade as the ampalaya plant loves sunlight as long as you regularly water it. I hope that I’ve answered all of your questions regarding how long it takes for an ampalaya to grow.

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